A little something about me

Hi there everyone, I’m Märit...yeah the two dots over the "a" are a pain in the backside. Works well here in Sweden, but for the rest of the world...well not so much, so for the blog I hereby rename myself to Marit. Anyway I am a 50 year old (read 28) *eyerollings from the kids*  single mom. I have three wonderful children, two girls and a boy. And I am the proud grandmother of a sweet as can be little girl. My two oldest are grown and out of the nest, only my 14 year old daughter is still living at home, but I am also fortunate enought to have my 5 year old granddaughter living with me half the time :)

There's also some fourlegged kids in our family. A Rottweiler girl, Ebba, who is 5. A Chinese Crested boy, Effect, who is 1 year old. Then there is Tiger the cat who is a talkative 3 year old boy, and last but not least there is Scarlet, our feral girl, whom we adopted when the colony she lived in was brought in.

We live in Sweden, near Gothenburg, since 2010 when we moved “back home” after 10 years in North Carolina, USA.

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