Friday, December 5, 2014

Fun food for kids

I don't think there is a day without at least one cooking show on tv. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them....a lot. But the trend seems to be that they become more and more pro, nothing wrong with that either, but wouldn't it be fun to make fun food, not one bit pretentious, just play with it and have a blast.

Most kids go through phases when absolutely nothing.....and I kid you not...I really mean NOTHING is to their liking. The chicken they loved a week ago is now cause for wrinkled faces, the ever so trusted hot dog, makes them sigh really loudly and look at it with disgust. When they finally eat, they take two itty bitty bites and then they let you know how full they are....can not eat another single bite or they will for sure pop. Unless there is a real health issue with the kids, they won't starve, they will come out of that phase and once again eat, without the big drama.

Ok, so I don't see myself making these fun foods every day, but once in awhile as a treat. It will probably make the kids more interested in eating AND I am having fun at the same win situation :)

It can be as easy as cutting food in playful ways, to make two crabs and two octopuses out of a hot dog. You can find these cute little creatures and how to make them on Cute Food For Kids

Or make a birds nest by tweaking meatballs and arranging them on a nest of spaghetti like the ones from Crafty Moods. 

Takes a couple of minutes to turn regular meatballs and boring hot dogs to something fun. And it really doesn't take any extra time at all to make the calzone into a snake :) This one you find on Pure Imajennation.

Or you can go all in and make something like this absolutely awsome Star Wars Breakfast made by Carrie Elle using hashbrowns, bacon and eggs :)

I will absolutely try to tempt my granddaughter, Victoria with some fun food next time she has one of those exciting phases. Or why wait for the drama, I'll actually make some fun food this weekend :)

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