Thursday, December 4, 2014

My very first blog post

Well here I am, after a long time thinking and pondering this blog thing, should I or should I not. I love to read other peoples blogs, the ones that are strictly baking or cooking blogs, the ones that focus on health and beauty, others that are giving great ideas and tips on decorating or the DIY and craft ones. I love them all! That’s where I ran into problem….I am interested in so many things, not great at anything but pretty decent at a few things.  I didn't want to have a blog about one certain thing, I wanted it to be a mix of all things I find fun, useful or interesting.  Right now I really have very little idea about how this blog will turn out, I’m thinking I’ll just learn as I go and simply blog about whatever happens to catch my attention and what goes on at the moment….as mixed up and sometimes messed up as life itself is!

I think many of us are just like that. We search inspiration for next days dinner, look for yummy goods to bake, want to get inspired to re-do or decorate at home. Ideas for craft and DIY Projects, and gardening….no on second thought scratch the gardening…I absolutely suck at it, so there most likely will not be any posts on that topic. But other than just gardening, pretty much anything can pop up here.

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