Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm a Buzzador

So I got my first “Buzzador package” in the mail. I knew it was “Vanish” in the box. One would think that isn’t cause for excitement. Well that might be the case for other people, me….I literally dove into the box thinking it was almost like Christmas. Hmm I guess that says quite a lot about the wild and exciting life i lead :)

The idea now is that I am going to use the products and “Buzz” about how I think they work. There are also some samples to share with friends, so they too can test and voice their opinion.
I’m having several stains I have been trying to get out for quite some time….it’s going to be interesting to see if “Vanish” can do what nothing I have tried so far could. I will let you know how it worked when I have been scrubbing and testing all the different types of “Vanish”

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